Who are we ?

Zyromski, producer & Distributor

A family at your service since 1979
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A family at your service since 1979

A family at your service since 1979

It all began in 1979 with the passion for horticulture, the energy, and the leadership of Frank Zyromski. Supported by his partner Louise St-Arnaud, Frank was able to rally a strong team around him, giving the company its own identity. His determination and, on a few occasions, his boldness proved him right, as Zyromski is now a major company.

In recent years, the future is firmly rooted in the present with Nicolas Zyromski, who firmly steers the company while ensuring the continuity of the vision, leadership, and management.
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Our mission, our vision, nos values

Synonyme of quality

The Mission

The mission of the company is to meet the evolving needs of customers in the North American horticultural market by providing superior quality products and service. To achieve our goals, we strive to :

  • Maintain a quality production while maximizing efficiency;
  • Provide our staff with a safe and harmonious work environment;
  • Offer personalized and efficient customer service;
  • Respond to the ever-changing needs of the market;
  • Stay at the forefront of new technologies in the horticultural field;
  • Aim for production that aligns with environmental concerns.

Our slogan, “Your supplier of cuttings,” and our motto, “Quality for the pleasure of the eyes,” summarize our mission. We want all employees to share in the pleasure of producing high-quality products and admiring the beauty that grows in our greenhouses.

The Vision

To be a recognized company for its quality in the market and for its distinctive way of making customers and employees happy.


Supported by the respect for fundamental ethical principles and values :

  • Reliability and consistency in operations;
  • Flexibility and adaptability to customer needs and expectations;
  • Quality and pride in the delivered products;
  • Innovation and alignment with needs and trends;
  • Eco-responsibility in our practices at all levels;
  • Health and safety on a daily basis.

A standout company

Honor and distinction

Honor and distinction

Over the years, Zyromski Greenhouses and their owners have demonstrated a great deal of rigor and professionalism, which has earned them numerous awards in the agricultural field.

The company has distinguished itself by :

  • Winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Grand Prix in the agribusiness sector;
  • Being a finalist for the “Innovation in Health and Safety at Work” award from the CNESST (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail);
  • Receiving the 1st Gold Medal of the Agricultural Merit;
  • Receiving the Gold Medal in the prevention competition organized by the UPA (Union des producteurs agricoles);
  • Receiving the “Ma ferme, mon monde” Grand Prize in human resources awarded by the UPA.
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