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  1. Lobularia Lavender STream
  2. Estrella Merlot
  3. MiniFamous Neo Purple

  1. Verveine; Voodoo Merlot Star
  2. Bidens: Namid Early Yellow
  3. Pétunia: Headliner Electric Purple

  1. Calibracoa: MiniFamous Neo Apricot Strike
  2. Calibracoa: MiniFamous Neo Vampire
  3. Calibracoa: MiniFamous Neo Bleu Royal

  1. Calibracoa : MiniFamous Uno Yellow Red Vein
  2. Verveine Lascar Salmon
  3. Pétunia: Headliner Red

  1. Calibracoa MiniFamous Neo Double PInk
  2. Calibracoa MiniFamous Uno Double Lemon
  3. Bacopa Epic White

  1. Pétunia Headliner StarrySky Burgundy
  2. Euphorbe STarblast White
  3. Verveine; Estrella Red

idea # 12:

  1. Solenia; Soft Pink
  2. Ipomea: Terrace Lime
  3. Helychrisum; Moe's Silver

  1. Begonia Solenia: Red improved
  2. Lobelia: Hot Snow White
  3. Torenia: Purple Moon

Idea #15:

  1. Alpine geranium; Glacier White
  2. Alpine geranium; Decora Apollo
  3. Ivy Geranium; Royal TM Dark Burgundy
  4. Calibracoa; MiniFamous Neo Perfect White

Idea # 16:

  1. Alpine Geranium; Decora Apollo
  2. Alpine Geranium; Glacier White
  3. Lantana; Mini Yellow
  4. Vebena; Lascar Black Velvet

Idea #17:

  1. Alpine geranium; Decora dark pink
  2. Alpine geranium; Decora Lilac
  3. Ivy Geranium; Royal TM Dark Burgundy
  4. Calibracoa; MiniFamous Neo Purple
  5. Ipomea: Terrace Lime

Choose from multiple Mixis and Trixiliners  combinations, perfect for planters and hanging baskets. Be creative, add a personal touch!!!

Picture: Mixi Bright Lights